What are we going to do at mini-THON?  What bands are going to be there?  Who is going to entertain everyone? Mini-Mini Thons? Students involved in events plan out the logistics of the actual mini-THON event from start to finish. By the time of the event they will have made an outlined schedule that shows the minute by minute agenda for the day. Every little detail is taken into consideration by events members and captains. They make sure that nothing is left out and the day runs smoothly. In addition to outlining the main event, they will consider logistics of other events as well. (ie. Colored for the Kids 5k, mini-mini THON’s)


Gisselle Lopez (12) FHS – 610-849-3926

Addi Streeter (12) FHS – 440-344-8686

Madison Holder (11) FHS – 484-894-7030

Kate Wagner (12) LHS – 484-470-8873

Maeve Fogarty (11) LHS – 484-635-9357


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