Corporate Fundraising

Another crucial committees at both schools, corporate fundraising students will divide up the Lehigh Valley and ask as many businesses as possible for donations of any sort. These students are also an important part of raising money to go towards the goal determined at the beginning of the Mini-THON year. These students must be willing to reach out to companies by via phone, email, and personal visitations. Corporate members and captains must be outgoing, persistent, organized, and hardworking ALL YEAR LONG. 


Ashley Morales (12) FHS – 610-739-3198

Sean Boyer (12) FHS – 610-554-8246

Caroline Kessler (12) FHS – 610-248-8138

Emily Kasten (12) LHS – 610-442-4017

Sam Caccamo (11) LHS – 484-554-2576



-515Day -11Hours -16Minutes -28Seconds